LDPE Films
Low density polyethylene sheet are extensively used for protection of liquid contamination, agriculture, industry, infrastructural projects. LDPE film acts as a perfect line to prevent foreign material entering ground water sources as well as prevent seepage loss in water conservation projects.

The conveyance of irrigation water in canal system often give way to water seepage and ultimately lead to loss of irrigation water.

Other Application
  • Agricultural purpose.
  • Lining of canal, reservoir, ponds.
  • Lining of Industrial Effluent plant.
  • Tunnels.
  • Packaging, Wrapping.
  • Water proofing for terrace garden.
  • For protection of food grains, fertilizers, cotton, chemicals, cement, constructions and power plant.
  • Concrete road & bridge.
  • Steel plant.
Properties of LDPE
  • Our LDPE film has excellent mechanical properties.
  • Saves water seepage up to 60% of total quantity of water available.
  • It has a very low moisture/vapor transmission rate.
  • Very good resistance against chemical and unaffected by bacterial or fungus growth.
  • LDPE films have a very good resistance against ozone, oxidation, Weather & water because polyethylene has a long chain of hydrocarbon which gives above properties.

Sl. No Characters Unit Specification
1 Tensile Strength Kgf/cm2 140 Min.
2 Elongation at Break % 200Min.
3 Dart Impact Load GF 120 Min.
4 Carbon Black content % 2.5 -.5
5 Carbon Black dispersion Dispersion analyzer No Crack
6 Density Gm/cc .922 - .937
7 Tear Resistance N/mm2 9.5 Min

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