Rubber Seals
Hydrophilic Rubber Seal is suitable for all construction joints subject to hydrostatic pressure on one or both sides. It provides simple but efficient water proofing of construction joints.


Hydrophilic Rubber Seal is used for sealing of joints in Undergroundprecast elements, Tunnels, vertical, construction joints and concrete steel joints. The water retention property of Hydrophilic Rubber Seal increases its volume by three times and thereby stops penetration of water.

This standard lays down the types and specification for rubber seals used for all types of hydraulic gates.


The basic polymer shall be natural rubber, or a co-polymer of butadiene and styrene, or a blend of both and the compound shall contain not less than 70 percent, by volume, of the basic polymer and the remainder shall consist of reinforcing carbon black, zinc oxide, accelerators, antioxidants, vulcanizing agents and plasticizers.

Physical properties

Sl. No Property Requirement
1. Shore A durometer hardness 65+-5
2. Elongation at break, percent, Min 450
3. Tensile strength, N/mm2, Min 14.5
4. Mass of water absorbed in 7 days, percent, Max 10
5. Tensile strength after accelerated aging test of h in oxygen at 70+-1C and 2.1+-0.1 N/mm2 Pressure shall not be less than 80 percent of 48 the strength before aging
6. Low temperature brittleness Non brittle after 3 min – 40 C

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